Game Name ---- ng! Classy

Personal Stats

Real Name: Rene
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 146
Ethnicity: Asian (Vietnamese)
Location: Shitty Edmond Oklahoma
Occupation: High School Student

Server Admin

Cs: Source: No
DoD: Source: No

Video Games

Online: CS:S, Maplestory, WC3, Final Fantasy XI Online, Combat Arms, Perfect World International, and various others.
Console: PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, PSP, DS( DS is little brother's but I play it from time to time), Fable 2 (360), Oblivion(360), Fallout 3(360), Assassin's Creed(PS3), Rockband(PS3), Rockband 2(PS3), Radiata Stories(PS2), GTA IV (The GTA series in general starting with GTA III)(360), Socom Confrontation(PS3), Socom FTB2(PSP), and various others for all 5 consoles that I or my family owns.

Xfire Status

Username: I'll update this later I haven't been on xfire in ages

System Stats

CPU: n/a
RAM: 4Gigs (2 Corsair, 2 Kingston)
Video: Radeon 6800 series
HD: n/a
Mouse: Microsoft laptop mouse
Keyboard: Dell
Sound: n/a
Monitor: Dell
OS: Windows Vista 64
Average FPS: I don't know I never pay attention to that

Photos (Thumbnails Only)

Notes:Will update system specs at a later time, as well as my picture