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    by Published on 01-27-2014 06:52 PM  Number of Views: 35881 
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    WB and DC has a lot of news this month regarding their live-action universe as they try to catch Disney's Marvel. After announcing that Batman vs. Superman will be delay until 2016 with Wonder Woman being feature played by Gal Gadot (Fast and Furious Franchise), it was announce that Gal has sign a 3-picture movie deal as Wonder Woman. It also announce with the recent success of "Arrow", DC and WB has more shows they want to put out to further expand their content and characters. It has been recently announce that NBC has pick up "Constantine", a lesser character and Fox has pick up "Gotham" which focus on the young life of Bruce Wayne as well as Commissioner Gordan. Big villains of the Batman franchise will be part of the series with "Penguin" rumor to be first and feature on the pilot episode. Although the biggest news is the CW has order a pilot episode of the upcoming "Flash" series which Barry Allen was already portray this season in "Arrow" and two big and major villains will be in the series and cast in the name of "Reverse Flash" and "Killer Frost". Killer Frost is a character that is playable in the "InJustice: God Among US" video on the home consoles. Danielle Panabaker is set to portray Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost).

    So what you guys think NG, do you like seeing the competition or is just a giant rush production to get the early cash cow going.
    by Published on 05-16-2013 04:32 PM     Number of Views: 11721 
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    NoobGalore 'Don't break the `yolk Contest' -- Who can survive the longest and be named Ultimate NG Yolker!

    For this competition, all NoobGalore 'Registerered' players will commence to the Hideout server on a specific date, and a specific time (to be listed below) in the ultimate quest to a 75 Kill Streak!

    The first player to reach 75 Kills will win the competition. We will reset all scores within the server at the beginning of the competition.

    Additional First and second place prizes: First 2 peoeple to reach 100 Kills will receive ALL free perks for 3 months! (Cannot be the winners)

    Where: 24/7 Office N00b Hideout Server ( connect )
    Team Restrictions: None ( CT / T are selectable )
    UPDATED DATE: May 23rd, Thursday at 9:00 PM CDT, 10:00 PM EDT ( You should be in vent atleast 30 minutes beforehand to secure your reserved slot )

    Entry Fee: $5 donated to NG. ( Provide your donation NG URL for easy verification in the application )

    Prize: Winner will select a game from Steam with a max value of $50. The game can be anything accessible via the steam platform. If the player can't find a game they would like, we can discuss alternatives at that point.
    Once a winner has been announced, the winner should contact management with their choice of game. If the cost of games does not exceed $50, you may purchase multiple games. In addition, a $35 donation will be made under your name which will grant you access to our Donator's club where you can request in game perks.
    If you are an admin, this can be utilized on your objectives report.

    Whatifs: If eggyolk is the first player to reach 75 kills, and win the competition, he will donate $35 under his name but retain the main prize. You must beat him to win!

    Players that cannot participate: SSA / SA

    Please fill out the following form to submit your registration:
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