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    Default n8iv_girl Admin Application

    Your name?

    Your age?

    What server are you applying for?

    In-game name?

    Your STEAM ID?

    Have you read and do you agree with the requirements?
    yes i do

    Around what time interval do you normally play?
    I play all through out the day until like 3 or 4 in the morning. I'm a CSS geek lol

    How long have you been playing CSS on your Steam Account that you're applying with?
    about 2-3 months, but i played for a year on my bfs account before i got my own

    Do you sport the NG tag in your name at all times while in NG servers?
    yes of course

    Do you have a MIC, and Vent installed, and USE them both?
    yes i just signed up on vent, i dont have a mic at the moment but I'm sure I can get one

    What is your vent username?

    How long have you been playing in the NG community and actively been in vent and posting in the forums?
    1-2 months, i wanna be on more but the forums keep getting attacked or something

    Do you have any admin experience with the source mod plugin?
    none but i wanna learn

    Are you willing to donate on a monthly basis?
    yes i am

    Why do you want to be an admin on our servers?
    well I play on hideout a lot and players are always asking me if I'm admin and to kick afks or mute mic spammers. I really enjoy the server and would like to help out anyway i can

    Which *admin* referred you to apply for admin?

    It requires a lot of work to keep NG active, but a little bit of work from everybody assists greatly! Are you willing to assist by helping complete a number of our monthly objectives and goals? Show us by completing one of the following:

    TASK 1: Please try to refer 5 people to either the forums/vent; Name them here:
    ok i will work on this but the forum is always going down

    TASK 2: Make at least 5 content filled threads: Provide links to each thread:
    i will when the forums can stay up

    TASK 3: Like us on facebook:
    ok thats easy

    TASK 4: Share 5 posts from the forums on Facebook utilizing the social media icons From within the Forums

    TASK 5: Advertise the servers / community in at least 3 places OTHER THAN STEAM; Provide EVIDENCE
    okie dokie

    TASK 6: Get at least 100 hours idling a server: Use your steam profile as evidence.

    Sorry if this was posted in the wrong place, I'm not really sure where to post it.
    Last edited by n8iv_girl; 05-24-2015 at 03:39 AM. Reason: Filled in something wrong



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