I want to start scrimming so I can improve my overall CSS playing skills. I have only scrimmed once and I failed horribly. But I want to start scrimming so I can get better at the game. I play on the NG Crackhouse Deathmatch quite ofte; however, due to recent connection problems, I have been unable to do so. If I can fix my connection problems, then I'd want to scrim. I am usually considered "really good" on the dm server. But I know it's only on that server, I am not very good at the other maps. I have been banned and accused of hacking a lot of times. I don't hack though. I used to be good like 2 weeks prior to posting this, but then I started getting bad connection problems and I am horrible because high ping causes bad reg and just everything is horrible. BUT ANYWAY, I WILL FIX MY CONNECTION AND ID LIKE TO START SCRIMMING.