1--> MAIN IN-GAME name (the name you use most):
Ricky Tan

Ricky Tan


4--> TIME OF BAN (approx.):
1:20pm Eastern Time

5--> Date of Ban (i.e. Sunday, November 6, 2006):
Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6--> Server you were banned from - (DUST2, OFFICE, etc..):
24/7 Office Noob Hideout

7--> A paragraph, with complete sentences, about what you were doing right before you were banned (i.e. killing a player in a questionable manner, achieving a series of headshots in a questionable manner, etc.). If you were banned for a racial related incident, then you must write an essay about how racism ruins today's society and post it along with your unban post.

I was playing on the Noob Hideout server along with my brother and cousin. I was banned at the beginning of a round and had an unsuspicious score of around 13-6.

8--> A paragraph, with complete sentences, on why you think you were banned. DO NOT provide redundant reasons (i.e. I'm in CAL, I'm 1337, I've played CS for a long time, etc.). **

I am fairly certain that I was banned because of the actions of my cousin and brother. My cousin, who goes by the name Daniel_12300 always tries to join when I'm playing and mess with the admins (He has been banned upwards of 6 times from this server). He ended up getting banned. My brother then thought it would be funny if he pretended to be my cousin, so he changed his in-game name to Daniel_12300 and was quickly banned. I was then banned right after that.

9--> Admin that banned you if you recall.

I think the admin who banned me was Pyron, but I am not sure because I think there were multiple admins on at the time.