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Conversation Between kthompson86 and xx-DeCiMaToR-xx

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  1. Like i Said though a simplle stop team flashing or het u cant rebuy nade ands keep troughting them down the hall.And i hearracist stuff see gay porn spray and those guys dont get banned orr even a warning. You should un ban me early i think sence i did not get a warning actually i didint hear anyone complain about team flashing, And im all ways respect full i didint jpin this site just cause i got banned nowdid i comp into these forums ranting and being rude making some noob coments. But with that im done.

    P.S Thanks youfor getting back at me on here rather quike i remeber some site back in the day t would take weeks, You guys have agreat comunity thats why i love the server so much thanks again
  2. If you're Megashot86 the reason I banned you was because of teamflashing while you were rebuying nades. The rebuying part I would've just slayed for but you kept teamflashing everyone that was rushing on T side while doing it and I consider that a form of Teamkilling so I banned you for a week.
  3. Hey man sorry for re buying gernades i forgot thats a rule. i no i broke it. I wish u would have just said to stop and i would have instead of banning me right away umm how longs the ban this is my favriot server ever so i hope its not a perm ban or is there something i can so to get un banned. I understant u were doing your job ive been there. I too have been an admin but i always told people if they dont stop that i would ban them even if they did it days earlier id give 1 warning for every new day basicly still banned alot of people though. So i do understand and again im sorry. all and add me as a freind on steam im not gonna try and argue or troll u. Thanks hope to play against ya soon.
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