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Conversation Between Giggles and Chuck

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  1. HEY GIGGLES heres the file i want you to put the vinyl scratch name in the back ground of my character meaning the pony aswell ok and along with the vaulume bars and the musical sign and thats it behind the pony ok added on what i said to do with the other pic ok :3

    Images Host | File Host - - Download vinyl scratch glow pims1978 d5a0kf3 jpg
  2. e621 2012 anthro anthrofied breasts cutie mark elbow gloves equine female foxinshadow friendship is magic gloves green hair hair headphones horn horse ipod lense flare looking at viewer looking back my little pony plain background pony red eyes side

    theres the pic i want the character and the lines flowing around her in the pic and yes i want it transparent aswell ok :3 and have the noobgalore symbol behind her aswell ty and punch a baby for meh :3
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