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Thread: Idea!

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    Default Idea!

    I have a idea about the servers. How come you don't install lastx in the server. What lastx does is it shows you the last people that was in the server no matter who it is. So if someone was hacking all the admin has to do is type in lastx into the console and it's a rap it shows every ones steam id that was in the server at that time. It's only a idea I am only asking this is cause I always play and I got a shit load of demos of hackers on the ng servers that I am saving if there is a problem. But when a admin comes into the server the person leaves this would be good for that reason and any other reason for that matter. Like I said just shooting it out there and seeing what you guys think and just trying to help out. Besides it says I am a forum virgin and I need posts. lol I wish I was a virgin.
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