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  • NoobGalore suspends Admin Recruitment Program effective immediately


    Do to an influx of lackluster and non-dedicated administrators we have chosen to forcefully close our Recruitment program effective immediately.

    What does this mean for you? - Nothing, NoobGalore servers will continue to run as they were, and remain operated as you have grown to love over the past 10 years.

    What does this mean for us? - We will effectively begin hand selecting our administrative crew once again. It will now become far more difficult to become 'part of the team' , and something that will be taken with respect and pride and not simply just 'given' once certain published criteria was met.

    When does this start?
    - Yesterday.

    What does this mean for current recruits? - Nothing, they will continue through the program as intended. However, they should pay particular attention to succeeding through the recruitment program - because another chance will have to be earned with more vigor.

    We have removed all administrators that don't have the time to commit, or for whatever reason are unable to assist in our day to day tasks. We feel that we now have a solid base of people to build off of with serious, quality, helpful administrators.

    What can you do to help? - Bear with us for the next couple months as we rebuild our roster and fill in those low volume time slots. If you know someone that has the right attitude to be an NG administrator, get on their case and tell them to check out what is required to become an admin!

    How can you become admin now? - You will have to be referred to Stella/Adam by another admin that is currently on the roster. Each admin will be responsible for who they refer to us, and their word will become their bond. If you aren't seriously interested, don't make your favorite admin look like a fucktard - if he refers you, LIVE UP TO THE EXPECTATIONS!!!!! Once you are referred by an admin, it will be *AT LEAST* 1 month before you are considered for an recruit position, and ALL activity levels must remain throughout, and afterwards. Once you are considered, you will have a 1 on 1 meeting with Stella/Adam in vent to discuss, and at such time a decision will be made based upon the verbal interview.

    What will be considered in my quest to become admin? - Everything we currently consider. Please refer to the recruitment program for more information. Do everything in there, plus, and you won't have a problem. Failure to complete those tasks will result in us looking right past you.

    What happens if I ask if you've considered my application?
    - You will be denied. Do not ask! It will be granted (if so) when we feel you adequately deserve admin, and WONT be leaving in the near future regardless of the decision about admin.

    Thank you all for bearing with us as we transition our work force

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