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  • Excuse our dust while we upgrade!

    It has been some time since we have had to make any adjustments to hardware, however as we strive daily to continue to bring you an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience we found these steps necessary to take at this time, due to the cost effective solutions we have been provided. This solutions will increase our capacity with no monthly change in price. How can we go wrong?

    Eventually, every machine will go through a phase of hardware based upgrades in the near term. We began the process last night, on Dallas2, culminating with a full new build out, inclusion of a raid controller, more ram, newer SATA drives with 8x the Cache as the previous drives, and new to our buildout are brand new SSD drives. The gameservers will now be running solely on the SSD drives. This will result in a significant improvement in disk access times over the slower SATAII drives we previously used. This in turn will greatly improve the game engines ability to quickly calculate positions, entity placement times, and maintain that delicate balance to produce the best shot registration in the gaming community.

    While many communities stuff there hardware to the max, we don't fill any hardware past 50% capacity @ MAX PLAYERS, and these new upgrades will further lower those numbers not seen anywhere else.

    We hope our continued effort to provide the best for you is as exciting for you as it is for us.

    Stay tuned for more upgrade news as we build our platform for tomorrows games! We will be prepared! Will you be ready?

    NoobGalore Managmeent
    -be sure to comment and let us know how it is running!
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