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    DENIED [FAIL] Jaaraxaen - Corruption

    1. Your Name?

    2. Your Age?

    3. In-Game Name?
    Jaaraxaen - Jaaraxaen/Jaaraxinian

    4. Your STEAMID?
    <working on one>

    5. Have you read and do you agree with the requirements?
    yes i agree with all of them

    6. Around what time interval do you normally play?
    for the most part every day - daytime and some nights

    7. How long have you been playing CSS on your Steam Account that you're applying with?
    i've played portal and the enemy invasion game one, the towers

    8. Do you sport the NG tag in your name at all times while in NG servers?
    yes, when i get a steam up

    9. Do you have a MIC, and Vent installed, and USE them both?
    i have both installed and have both in use

    10. What is your vent username?

    11. How long have you been playing in the NG community and actively been in vent and posting in the forums?
    yes, ive been posting and quoting in many forums

    12. Do you have any admin experience with Mani or SourceMod admin plugin?
    not yet but soon

    13. Why do you want to be an admin on our servers?
    i wanted to be an admin cause there are those in deep question about the server and its features. I am here to help those resolve their problems.

    14. Are you willing to donate on a monthly basis?
    i may find some time to donate for the servers

    15. Which *admin* referred you to apply for admin? (Only one admin name please)
    PetRacoon - helped with the server

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    I helped you with your vent channel, but I'm not sure you realize that Admin applications are for our CS:S and TF2 servers. We don't take applications for Ventrillo admin at this moment, if thats what you're looking for..
    Former Admin, but still my one and only community!
    Languages Spoken: English, Taishanese



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