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Wah? Wah? Lol, dust2 sucks I hate it most players fire in the most common/prefire spots. I really want to see you try to get 1k kills in a hour smart guy lol, my time took me 4-6hr for 1k. Put your money where your mouth is and I'll donate $15 and prove me wrong ['...where you can get 1000 kills in an hour.']

To be honest, when lolekk was around I used to play Dust2 wtih him and it was the same stuff over and over (same can be said about CH as well lol) and most of the shots are common shots that people normally sit at. But the real challenge is that CH gets some crazy good players in there and it can be fairly heated.
Woah woah here buddy, ur taking this way to personal. I never really meant that I really can get 1000 kills in an hour I was just saying that it's a lot easier to rack up kills in a death match server since you respawn so fast. Unless you seriously think it'll take longer to get 300 kills in CH than in Dust2? I dare say, on our current NG servers, it is the HARDEST to get 300 kills in one sitting. I never mentioned who was better, who have more skills, or who has a better KDR. I'm just saying it's HARD to get 300 kills in one sitting on Dust2. You yourself said it, "Dust 2 sucks". You of all ppl should know how hard it is to sit in Dust2 to get that amount of kills. I spent a good half day to get my 300 kills sitting in Dust2 with only 5v5 for most of it. Yes I did have some bomb plantings and defuse points that Legend pointed out to me but still it's HARD. I give you respect if you can do it the same way you would respect me if I could get 1000 kills in roughly an hour in CH. I'll attempt your challenge sometime next month (doubt I can do it) but you'll never see me throw you a hideout score when we're talking about a crackhouse challenge.

The main point of this thread was to get a lil competition going on and also to get ppl to actually play dust2. We are sorely in need of more ppl there. I just thought posting something like this would get some ppl that have been burnt out on dust2 to come back and give it a shot. Promote the server a bit. I see I have not been able to achieve this since everyone just post their scores of their respective servers and not take the dust2 challenge that I had hoped many would. *sigh* We need more Dust2 events lol.